€ 3.900,00

Raw silk rebozo or multifunctional shawl used by rural and urban women in Mexico and Central America. This extraordinary piece is hand spun and made in back strap loom, an ancient portable tool that embraces the weavers's waist. The silk comes from San Pedro Cajonos in Oaxaca where wild silk was brought from Asia a few decades back. Mexican "creole" silk is highly valued for its quality, rarity and for its labor-intensive process, which is entirely handmade. The rebozo is finished with rapacejo, which is a type of fringe made with knots that create intricate figures. This rebozo has a particular vintage finish. The piece is entirely handmade and super soft!
Size: 250 x 140 cm.
Photography by Floor Knaapen & Odette Blum.

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